NSFYC2 Trailer

The NSF Youth Crew have just released their new trailer and it’s got some bangers and some canny brutal crashes in and by the looks of the trailer, the full-length vid should be something to look out for!

Rozzy with the lads

We had a plan to head off to Middlesboro and ride Prissick Skate Park, on the way we stopped at OK Diner but they had a power cut and we couldn’t get any food, so we soldiered on to Middlesboro to get some food first at any pub we could find.

A Picture by Jamie Guy

This is a pic Jamie Guy took of me a long time ago.. I’ll start by saying, this spot is a pretty well-kept secret and not many know how to get to it. One day Jamie knocked on my door and basically kidnapped me to take me to this place, it was a nice dry day and he’d been wanting for the place to dry up so he could take some photos here.